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Importance of Coordination in Logistics Sector

Logistics is a sector where multiple work operations are run, managed, controlled and completed simultaneously.  In order to ensure customer satisfaction in a logistics operation, it is necessary to skillfully manage various operations and conduct controls to ensure the operations are running smoothly

If you are planning to organize all the work flow of a firm you agreed to offer logistics services to, it is necessary to ensure that your coordination is just as good.


X firm: Agrees with a logistics company for storage, value added operations, order collection and product shipment. Products are stored, handled, orders are collected for delivery, delivery notes are issued and then shipped to the buyer. Upon delivery, buyer realizes this: “Missing or wrong product has been delivered”

At this point, you realize that there was an error on the order preparation step. Even though the logistics company might have received help in automation in order to ensure a full and correct organization, the above mentioned situation is unfortunately a possibility in the sector. The frequency of these incidents can sometimes be tolerated at the customer point. However, if 5 out of 10 deliveries experiences the same issues, it becomes evident that there’s a faulty operation. Work operations then must immediately be checked, shortcomings must be ameliorated and necessary steps must be taken to ensure that the mistakes would not repeat.

Coordination is the linchpin of all logistical operations. The proper functioning of these 5 functions of management, Planning, Organization, Guiding, Coordination and Supervision, creates value added for the Logistics companies and increases customer satisfaction. Coordination is like the threads of a gear, the gears grinds to a halt if one thread is broken. Not only it doesn’t turn any longer, it increases operational costs. Logistics companies that cannot maintain good coordination would start performing a 3 men job with 5 men. The goal is to ensure the proper functioning of work, yet on the other hand, this creates a serious increase in costs. Meticulously calculating all the steps as if weaving an intricate tapestry, good planning, choosing the right personnel for the job and ensuring they are on the same page in regards to the work operations and constant supervision will ensure the proper functioning of the work.

The ability to coordinate is not only important for logistics, but for all sectors; it contributes to the growth, development, profitability and work capacity of the of establishments.

Guest contributor, Halit Kaya lives in Turkey and has worked 12 years in the logistics industry. Check out more from Halit on Twitter @halitkayahk and on lojistik.halitkaya/ Mail :


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