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Logistics Is an Art

When saying that logistics is an art, what I mean is the harmony that the logistics sector presents under a specific coordination. It can be the processing of all the processes -from the beginning until the end of operation- loop by loop for a problem-free operation. It is the different sounds of each process as if like a musical note such as the difficulties one encounters until reaching a conclusion and all the labor performed to reach a happy end. It is the coherence of managers and managed ones from courier to the general manager. In an opera, you may believe that the triangle musical instrument has no function, but it actually has a great importance, and playing it at an incorrect point is felt by the whole opera, and it may ruin the whole harmony.

This is what logistics is also like. An order, that is nearly perfect at the start, may turn over due to a small mistake. Logistics is a work of coordination. Logistics is a work of order. Logistics is a work of harmony. Logistics is knowing when and where each instrument will step in.

You enter the information on the invoice or bill of lading as a cartoonist who imprints on paper. You treat the product to be consigned as sensitive as a sculpture. You load the product on the container as if like weaving a carpet. You show the sensitivity of a glass master while carrying the products. You become happy when delivering the products as if like an artist finishing his artwork. Logistics presents its art as from receipt of product until its delivery. It doesn’t miss any detail.

From storage to airline, land and marine transport, logistics is a loop from its value added operations to the whole logistics processes, from the courier to the general manager. It shows its effort just like an artist, it sweats its blood. It manages its accord and harmony. And when it completes its operations, stops at that point and watches its artwork.

Halit Kaya lives in Turkey and has worked 20 years in the logistics industry. Check out more from Halit on Twitter @halitkayahk and on



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